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The philosophy of recruitment:

To be a part of First National Consulting Group – is a great opportunity for your personal and expert growth. Our colleagues is our greatest asset. That why we appreciate unique opinion of each team member, creating the conditions to maximize the potential for each of them. A career growth of an employee depends on the personal motivation and achievements only. We give the opportunity for our colleagues to develop their professional competence and to adopt a unique experience of our consultants in dozens of the largest companies in Europe and the North America.

What we appreciate in our colleagues first of all:

  • Flexibility - willingness to solve complex and unconventional tasks
  • Courage – capability to point clients to their problems
  • Professional ethics - compliance with priorities: customer, company, compensation

Also important are personal skills like extraordinary thinking, ambitioned efforts, curiosity, responsibility that allows to achieve envisioned goals and to pfovide customers efficient solutions. That's why we are interested in active and versatile people, focused on the realization of their creative mindset and quality of services. We are looking for talented professionals with experience in different areas looking to learn something new and to add their expertise to the company for its successful development.

Junior consultant/Consultant:

Potential for the development of in-depth expertise in several topics. Participation in projects: analysis, evaluation, research and development of solutions to clients' problems. The first experience of autonomous task/project management.

Senior consultant/Managing consultant:

Leadership in the development of competencies in a specific field within the company. Management of complex projects: responsible for the timing of the project and compliance with the agreed budget. Long-term relationships building with clients at a middle management level.


Participation in the strategic management and development of the company. Long-term relationships building with clients at a top management level and owners. Financial responsibility for practice. The possibility of participation in the company's success by equity-partnership.

The process of selecting potential colleagues:

Each application is considered individually. HR department contacts with each candidate within two weeks personally. The process of selecting an employee is based on two interviews with company representatives. Depending on the position, you will be asked to solve a case or to prepare a brief presentation.