IT implementation e-com

Many of our clients, primarily B2C and B2B trading companies, as well as industrial companies focused on customer service with direct access to end customers have already taken significant steps in mastering the online sales channel. The growth of e-commerce leads to development of cutting-edge technological solutions and growing maturity of their implementation. Our team has an enormous experience of end-to-end implementation of e-commerce projects and provides a unique mix of expertise in advanced IT technologies for e-commerce. We are proud to support our customers in their e-commerce IT initiatives implementation from scratch to the ultimate success of their online-sales.

E-Commerce Platform SAP 

Cross-functional, agile, scalable, and enterprise-wide e-commerce platform facilitates online business growth in terms of profitability and market share for B2B as well as B2C companies.

Commerce (SAP HYBRIS)

Universal retailing platform: SAP Commerce Cloud combines online-shop, product information management (PCM/PIM), web content management solution, product configuration, AI and chat-bot in a all-in one market leading solution.

E-commerce: multi-channel online-shop uniform visual appearance regardless of the region and brand with a powerful search engine, flexible configuration of marketing and sales support activities as well as scalable „plug-n-play“ shopping cart  for consumer convenience.

Context based services: attracting shoppers with personalized content such as recommendations, wish-lists, machine learning, A/B-testing and real-time based algorithms for maximum conversion.

Product information management: product data and catalogues consolidation and publishing , intuitive comprehensive management console, internationalization capabilities for catalogues.

Shopper experience management: content adjustment right in preview mode, “drag-n-drop” interface for convenient design and shopping, unified ads and marketing campaigns capability.

Order management: shopping and receiving goods through any channel, return self-service, ultimate transparency, effective procurement and goods deployment. SAP Commerce platform has a high capacity, enterprise scaled productivity and agility to keep up with changes at the same time!

Our experts have a successful track record for implementation of e-Commerce solutions for B2C and B2B companies as well as seamless integration with other enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, WMS etc. Whether it's master data synchronization, synchronous or asynchronous order management, product configuration or synchronous price management,  our experts will support your challenges with best practices and solution options for success of your business.

We offer:

  • Future e-Com solution design using best practices
  • Implementation of the platform on-premise or in-cloud
  • Implementation of SAP Commerce (SAP Hybris) and industry specific packages
  • Add-on solutions development for specific requirements
  • Integration to the environment and specific systems in existing customer landscape (ERP, WMS etc.)
  • Support of implemented solutions
  • Data segmentation, profiling, migration and analysis.

Unique eco-system of SAP commerce platform with a rich set of features and our expertise will enable you:

  • to quickly capitalize on emerging revenue opportunities
  • to leverage data-driven intelligence across your enterprise to drive profitable growth
  • to power your business on a proven global e-commerce platform.