About FNC

First National Consulting Group  - is the first consulting company in Russia, specializing in industrial operations.

The company was created to help owners and managers of businesses and individual professionals in the field of operations to cope with the tasks of improving the efficiency and reducing operating costs from supply to distribution.

Our experts have years of experience working with leading industries in Russia, Western Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region.

Many of the approaches and practices developed by our experts today are the standards, in, among others, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Our experience in industrial operations covers the following areas:

  • business valuation prior to purchase and integration of individual functions after the acquisition, preparation of operations before the IPO
  • strategy design and implementation for the successful company development
  • identifying opportunities and potential efficiencies to improve the competitiveness of an enterprise
  • the transformation of company’s organization and processes to preserve the flexibility of the business for consolidation and economy growth phases
  • execution of cost and capital turnover cycle reduction initiatives and projects

You will get the maximum result from the support of our experts on the topics:

  • procurement and supplier management
  • logistics and inventory management
  • production chains management
  • production planning and coordination
  • distribution and customer relationship management
  • financial flow and working capital management
  • information technology strategy and implementation of IT support of operations

Customers especially appreciate our understanding of the relationships between operations and other functions of the company and benefit from enduring and complete solutions that meet the requirements of all stakeholders.

Over the past decade, our experts carried out successful projects for leading companies in the following industries:

  • oil-and-gas extraction and processing industry
  • chemical industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • engineering industry
  • FMCG
  • financial sector
  • logistics and transportation services

First National Consulting Group features:

  • concentrated expertise in the field of operations
  • years of unique experience of our experts - we not only perform an analysis and recommend "WHAT" to do, but also know "HOW" to do it
  • integral support of our customers from the analysis from the strategy to the implementation of improvement measures and training of company staff
  • focus on the mining and manufacturing industry
  • independence from technological and software solutions vendors and manufacturers
  • target ratio of 40:1 between the achieved results and investments in projects

The goal of FNC is to help you increase the value of the company and its efficiency.